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정말 나왔군요... 안드로이드와 윈도우 동시사용할 수 있는 머신에, 키보드독이 하나의 본체 역할하고 모니터부가 타블렛 역할을 할 수 있는 3 in 1 컨셉이라는데.

여하튼 이번에 확실하게 안 건 안드로이드하고 윈도우하고 서로 자료 공유가 가능하다는군요..

과연 괜찮은 머신인지가 사용자가 판단한 후기가 중요한지라 저도 출시한지 얼마 안되서 후기가 어떤지 보고 있습니다. 

사양에 따라 가격은 다른것 같은데 아마존에서는 저렇게 나왔네요..

ASUS Transformer Book Trio TX201LA-DH51T-CA Touch Notebook/Tablet (11.6-inch, i5-4200U, 4GB-DDR3, 500GB HDD+16GB EMMC, Windows 8+Android 4.2)

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  • Laptop: Intel® CoreTM i5 4200U Processor - Tablet: Intel® Z2560 Processor
  • 11.6" 16:9 IPS FHD (1920x1080) multi-touch Display - Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 4400
  • Laptop: 4GB DDR3 1600(O.C.) MHz SDRAM - Tablet Memory: 2GB LP DDR2 1066MHz
  • Laptop: 500GB HDD - Tablet : 16GB EMMC Storage
  • Integrated 802.11ac - HD 720p CMOS module - USB 3.0/micro USB - micro HDMI - Windows 8/Tablet: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
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  • It's a laptop like no other

    Transformer Book Trio is more than just a sleek and stylish ultraportable laptop — it's three computers in one. Detach the 11.6-inch display and you not only have a lightweight multi-touch tablet to relax with, but the PC Station keyboard dock can also be connected to an external monitor and used a standalone desktop PC. So you can't decide what kind of computer to buy, or want one you can share daily with your family, Transformer Book trio is perfect for you.

    • beauty_1.png
  • The power of three

    1. Laptop — Transformer Book Trio is powered by a 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor for seamless multi-tasking performance and outstanding energy efficiency, so you can get more done in laptop mode with Windows 8 when you're on the move.
    2. Tablet — Detach Transformer Book Trio's 11.6-inch display and it instantly becomes a responsive multi-touch tablet with an Intel® Atom™ dual-core processor. Android 4.2 means you can choose from millions of blockbuster movies, hit music tracks and amazing apps from Google Play, too, so you'll never be stuck for entertainment.
    3. Desktop — When Transformer Book Trio's tablet display is used in tablet mode, the PC Station keyboard dock doesn't need to sit idle. Just connect a monitor or HDTV and it becomes a fully functional desktop PC with a built-in keyboard and multi-touch touchpad, so you can run all your favourite productivity and entertainment software.

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  • See a sharper image

    Transformer Book Trio features an 11.6-in Full HD display with a crisp 1920 x 1080 resolution, so apps, games and images in laptop and tablet mode look amazingly sharp. .

    • Go wide

      IPS display technology ensures accurate colour and excellent daylight visibility, so Transformer Book Trio always gives the best image quality. Wide 178-degree viewing angles also keep the screen clear even when seen from the side, whether you're working in laptop mode or relaxing with the tablet.

    • Never miss a moment

      With cameras front and back, Transformer Book Trio means you'll never miss that special moment. The rear-facing 5-megapixel camera features an auto-focus lens for taking great photos, while the front camera features 720p HD video capture at 30 frames-per-second for crystal-clear video chat in tablet mode.

      • All the accessories you need

        Transformer Book Trio comes with a host of extras. Inside the box you'll find a stylish and hardwearing slipcase that keeps Trio safe when you're on the move, while the multi-voltage power adapter is small enough to slip into a coat pocket. Also included is a USB 2.0 to Ethernet adapter for connecting to wired networks when Wi-Fi isn't available, plus a Micro-HDMI adapter for displaying images on an HDTV or desktop monitor.

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      • Design_Story
      • Full_HD
      • Wide_View
      • HD_Camera
      • Accessories
      • Stay in touch

        Transformer Book Trio is designed for touch and gives complete fingertip control for everything you do and however you do it.

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      • Double the fun

        Transformer Book trio puts both Windows 8 and Android 4.2 at your fingertips for the best of both mobile worlds. So whether you want to use your favourite productivity software, relax with your favourite touchscreen game or rent a movie, Transformer Book Trio handles it with ease.
        Transformer Book Trio lets you enjoy a vast array of apps from both the Windows Store and Google Play. Serious productivity software, social media and the latest games — Transformer Book Trio does it all, and more.
        Switching between Windows 8 and Android 4.2 on Transformer Book Trio is simple — just press the dedicated Trio key. Data can be shared easily between both operating systems, too, so you can access your important files in both laptop and tablet modes.

      • Complete fingertip control

        The 11.6-inch display features cutting-edge multi-touch technology that can detect a contact point that's 33% smaller than other touchscreens. Whether you're using Windows 8 in laptop mode or Android 4.2 in tablet mode, Transformer Book Trio tracks your touch with extreme precision.

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      • Multi-touch made easy

        In laptop mode, the touchpad makes it easy to interact with Windows 8 and Android 4.2 without moving your hands away from the keyboard, so you won't need to interrupt your work when inspiration strikes.

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      • Dual_OS
      • Touchscreen
      • Touchpad

      • Wired for sound

        Transformer Book Trio doesn't just look great — it sounds great, too. Key to its success is our unique SonicMaster technology and a team of audio engineers who expertly balance high-quality audio hardware and professional-grade audio processing techniques to ensure the best possible audio.

        • sound_7.png
      • SonicMaster sound

        Everything sounds better with ASUS SonicMaster technology. Bass is richer, audio frequencies are wider, and vocals and dialog can be heard more clearly. Music, movies and games all benefit from SonicMaster's magic for all-round immersive entertainment.

        • 02vocals_1.png
        • WIDE RANGE
      • Stereo speakers

        With separate stereo speakers in the PC Station keyboard dock and the tablet display, Transformer Book Trio is fully equipped for stunning sound quality, no matter what you're listening to.

      • AudioWizard

        Transformer Book Trio also features sound enhancement from the ASUS AudioWizard utility with five distinct modes to ensure the best results with different kinds of listening material.

        • audiowizard_1.png
      • Digital microphone

        A built-in digital microphone means Transformer Book Trio can be used to make video and audio calls without a clumsy headset.

        • microphone_1.png
      • SonicMaster
      • Speaker
      • AudioWizard
      • Microphone
      • The high-performance portable

        Transformer Book Trio is designed from the ground up to deliver the best performance in laptop, tablet and desktop PC modes, with both Windows 8 and Android 4.2.

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      • Dual processors

        Transformer Book Trio's unique three-in-one performance is possible by its dual-processor design. In Windows 8 laptop mode, Trio is powered by a 4th Intel® Core™ processor for seamless multi-tasking and outstanding energy efficiency, with up to five hours battery life. With Android 4.2, Trio switches to an Intel® Atom™ dual-core processor with Intel Hyper-Threading technology for up to five hours battery life in tablet mode and eight in laptop mode.

        • performanc_1.png
      • All-day Android computing

        With its power-efficient Intel® processors plus separate batteries in both the tablet and PC Station, Transformer Book Trio has outstanding battery life. In Android tablet mode, you won't need a power socket for up to five hours. In Android laptop mode, the PC Station adds up to another eight hours, giving an amazing total of 13 hours between recharges.* In Windows 8 laptop mode, you can work for up to five hours on a single charge.
        *All battery life figures are based on 720p video playback tests.

        • battery_1.png
      • Stay in sync

        Transformer Book Trio has independent storage in laptop and tablet modes, but sharing files between each couldn't be easier with the Trio Console utility. Whether you want to open a web page in Windows 8 that you first found with the tablet, or edit an office document from the laptop with Android productivity software, Trio makes it simple.

        • datasync_1.png
      • Next-generation connections

        Transformer Book Trio features USB 3.0 and works with the latest next-generation Super Speed storage devices in both laptop and tablet modes, with data transfer rates up to 10 times that of USB 2.0. USB Charger+ technology recharges smartphones and other mobile devices I double-quick time, too.

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      • Performance
      • Battery
      • Data_sync
      • USB_3.0

      • Live on cloud nine

        Transformer Book Trio comes complete with everything you need to connect to world and keep your data close at hand, wherever you go.

        • cloud_7.png