T41P T42P 용 윈도우7 ATI FireGL T2 driver 드라이버(32/64Bit)

1번 드라이버 다운로드 (용량이커서 미 첨부함) 아래 링크 다운로드 필요
This card is equivalent to Radeon 9600, so the Vista driver should work (don't forget to install W7 without internet connection!):

2번 윈도우7 용 ATI FireGL T2 driver 설치용 프로그램 (첨부함)  클릭 ==> MMDotNETSetup1210.zip <==
When you download it, mod it with this modder to get mobility capabilities in the Catalyst Control Panel:

Good luck!

Ok, let me have it, how do I use it?:

This is a step by step guide on how to run and use Mobility Modder on Win7/Vista AND XP, if you follow these instructions carefully in a step by step manner you will be fine. If you don't then you more than likely will end up with a driver that doesnt correctly work so you have been warned ! (Don't panic, even if you don't mod the driver correctly you won't hose your OS, the driver just won't install (like it did before you came to this page - so pay attention!))














Installation step by step guide

1: Download MSXML 6.0 from Microsoft. (Default in Vista) - Install.

Step 2 is VISTA ONLY

2: Make sure UAC control in Vista is turned off. If you don't know how to do this then read this guide (method 4 is the easiest) or click the "disable UAC" in Mobility Modder.net - please note you MUST reboot after disabling UAC. If you don't want it disabled permanently, you can turn it back on after our mobility tool has finished, but it won't mod the drivers correctly with UAC ON.

3: Download the newest desktop drivers from www.ati.com (or get them from Driver Heaven Downloads). If you are using Windows XP make sure to download .net framework from Microsoft (this is built into Windows Vista so there is no need to install it).

4: Run the downloaded driver, let it extract into c:/ATI/SUPPORT - but cancel the installation once the driver is extracted.

5: Run Mobility Modder - browse to the driver in C:ATI/SUPPORT/ - an example of Catalyst 7.4 would be C:\ATI\SUPPORT\7-4_vista32_dd_ccc_enu_44985 - hit modify. Wait until driver is modified.

6: In Vista, go to C:\ATI\SUPPORT\7-4_vista32_dd_ccc_enu_44985 (Or whatever the driver installation folder was called), and run the SETUP.EXE. Please note you might see a "Driver is not WHQL certified", ignore this, as it is a side effect of the modification.

7: Wait until Install is finished and reboot. Enjoy the new drivers!


EXAMPLE: Successful installation of Catalyst 7.4 over Catalyst 7.1 on
X1800 Mobility powered Dell M2010




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Q: Does this Mobility Tool install anything into my computer, any "crapware"?

A: No, Nothing, it runs within a contained folder, nothing is installed into your system. If you bin the folder, you bin everything you downloaded.

Q: Why the MSXML 6.0 install from Microsoft first?
A: It is a library install which allows our modtool to correct modify specific files.

Q: Do ATI Support this?
A: No ATI do not support our Modtool, if you install modded drivers you will get no support from ATI, you must go to the Driver Heaven forums, register for free and report problems or questions here

Q: Is this free, why? are you guys not charging for it, whats the catch?
A: There is no catch, we want to help people, the only catch is you get updated drivers and don't have to deal with your crappy OEM!

Q: I have a problem, and I can't get it to work, can you help me?
A: Yes we can help, post your problems in our forum over here, with your detailed system specification and mobility card and we will do our best to get you up and running.

Q: OMG I love this program, you guys rock, can I donate?
A: Yes you can donate to Ruud via paypal







Driver Heaven is not responsible for any issues which might occur due to the use of modified drivers. You modify these drivers at your own risk. You can report bugs with the program or installation in our forum and suggest improvements, but we don't offer support for hardware failure or a wrecked operating system. If you aren't sure then DON'T run this tool, its free. If you have downloaded our Mobility modding tool from any other website we cannot verify the integrity of the contents. ONLY download our application from this page to ensure you are getting the latest and virus free files. If you notice a suspicious archive on another site claiming to be this application then contact webmaster@hardwareheaven.com

You aren't allowed to reverse engineer, sell, modify or rebadge this application, if you decide you would like to try, then i suggest you get legal counsel, we will prosecute anyone stealing or selling our software.


You are allowed to host the ZIP file on your site, but you MUST not change the contents or remove any files. This is simply because all the files in the folder are needed ! You must also link to this support page as without it, your end users could end up with problems, especially without a correct installation procedure. Any further questions about hosting this application or for inclusion on a CD or DVD with your publication please contact webmaster@hardwareheaven.com. We would like to know the places this application is being hosted and/or shared, so please have the courtesy to let us know. This way we can also ensure you have the latest version.





Thinkpad 보유기종

1.  T61P    2. T60 ( 14")   3. X60    4. T42P 2373- 1.8Ghz    5. T41P 2373-GGU     6.T41P 2373-GEU   7.  T43 2373-   CPU 1.8

8.  X32 2884-A17 - 1.8Ghz    9. X31 2372-LK3 - CPU: 1.4Ghz

DELL 기종 ~~

1. Dell Inspiron 9400(E1705)    2.  DELL D630 (14" T8300 4G 120G)   3. DELL D620 (14" T7200 4G 120G HDD)

4. DELL E4200 ( SU9400, 64G SSD, Ram 5G, 12", 1kg )


이것 저것 모으다보니 어느세 노트북이 13대나 되네요.   이외 T41P 부품용 1대

개인적으로 애착이 가능 기종은 T61p  T42p  X32 와 DELL E4200  D630 D620 인스피론 9400